About Economix

With more than 30 years in business, Economix understands the needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers better than most and offers a full range of concrete finishes along with building and garden supplies to meet those needs. As one of the best known and trusted names in the industry, you can rely on the quality, service, and advice of your Economix products and representatives to ensure the success of your project. We also provide high-quality stabilized sand deer park to our clients which is suitable for residential or commercial work as well as council development projects, reduce stormwater  runoff in urban areas, and reduces pollution by allowing the water to percolate in the ground

We provide below products and service

1.       Premix concrete solutions

2.       Coloured-concrete

3.       Exposed Aggregate

4.       Green-eco-concrete

5.       Building & garden supplies

For  more information about  concrete and its related products in Australia, visit https://www.economix.com.au/

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